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Garage Door Cable Repair

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While it may not stand out much as you go about your daily business, your garage door is made up of a complex set of components. Some of these require attention as time goes on, and your garage door cables fall into that category. Why would you need garage door cable repair?

First, your cables can get wound around the drum incorrectly. When this happens, the door gets jammed and begins to move inconsistently. On the flip side, the cables can also become completely unwound, which is a clear sign that a replacement is in order.

Normal wear and tear are also a possibility. After all, these components don’t last forever, so broken cables are not unlikely or uncommon. You can’t use compromised cables again, which means there is no choice but to repair them.

Finally, cables can go through fraying overtime. That’s because it’s a single cable mechanism made up of multiple smaller ones. Think of it like a rope, which should make things a bit clearer.

Garage Door Cable

Types of Cables and Uses

Cables and garage doors go hand in hand. They are used for different purposes, and they are necessities for everything to work together well. The cables in focus are lift cables and retaining cables. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know about the two.

Lift Cables

Lift cables are always under more tension than you can imagine. Their purpose is to hold the garage door torsion springs as they counterbalance the door’s weight. That’s the reason that your garage door feels light, though it is incredibly heavy. The lift cable serves a very important purpose here, as without it, you would experience the unit’s actual weight and likely be unable to move it.
The thing about these garage door cables is that they move every time you open and close the door. The movement involves traveling across pulleys or winding on a spool or cable drum. This repetitive action causes wear and tear over time, which may cause you to see corrosion, fraying, or rust.
Any of those are signs that something is out of place and that a garage door cable replacement is in order. Note that we handle such repair jobs, so there is no need for you to worry when the cables start going bad.

Retaining Cables

You tend to find a retaining cable setup where garage door extension springs are. The two work hand in hand, but their arrangement is a little different. These springs run along both sides of the garage door vertically. The cables are then located inside them.
In the event of a breakage, the tension present could easily cause an extension spring to fall or fly in some random direction in the garage. It’s not hard to imagine why that could be a problem in an area where people and potentially fragile materials are. Instead, the cable assists by holding the spring in place, which explains the word “retaining” in the name.
As is the case with lift cables, a routine visual inspection for corrosion, rust, or fraying, should be good enough to detect when something is beginning to decay. Yet again, there is no need for you to worry about this, as we handle these kinds of repair jobs.

Garage Door Cable Issues

People deal with one or more garage door cable issue throughout the system’s lifetime. This is natural, and all you need is a reputable service provider to take care of the problems as they emerge, such as Metro Garage Door Repair. What kind of issues would require a garage door cable repair?


Old Cables

Think back to the rope analogy used above. If you were to have a rope that you consistently put tension on, over time, the rope wouldn’t be able to do its job as well. It may snap at some point, just like you can have a snapped garage door cable.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Rusted Cables

As you know, anything made of metallic material is prone to rust. When it begins to set in, the structural integrity of the item starts to diminish. Metal cables work in the same manner. When rust starts to set in, they stop moving as smoothly as they once did, and they become much less structurally sound.

Garage door cable repair

Jammed Cables

Jammed cables is when they cannot go through their full range of motion. When this happens, the garage door doesn’t move as you would expect it to. The most common telltale sign of this is seeing one side of the door droop. That’s normally because one cable goes bad before the other, which creates an uneven situation.



Off-track garage door repair

Unwound Cables

When this happens, the level of tension needed to move the door effectively is lacking significantly. Normally, when cables jump off the drum and become unwound, the attached spring has too little tension. This requires professional attention, so don’t attempt to fix this yourself and call us to repair this safely.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Company?

Working with garage door cables requires a certain level of expertise. When properly installed, the cables tend to follow established safety regulations. As professionals in the industry, all our garage door cable replacement jobs meet the predetermined standards. While it may seem tempting, it would be best if you don’t try to repair your garage door on your own. that’s because you are likely to be unaware of the best practices and regulations, and you may even hurt yourself in the process. That’s an outcome we’d never want.

Additionally, at Metro Garage Door Repair we have a team of licensed, professional, and experienced technicians who offer same-day service, seven days a week. Therefore, you never need to deal with broken or damaged cables for a long time.

Sometimes, people may want cheaper seeming shortcuts. However, when the job isn’t done right, the cost adds up with time. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and cash in the long run by sticking with the professionals

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