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Are you considering a garage door installation? If your garage door has broken down or is needing a refresher, you may want to seek professional service. Below are mechanical parts of your garage door which might need repairs or replacements:

Fixing each of these parts requires technical expertise and knowledge. Don’t do it by yourself – save time and money with our company. Installing a garage door is expensive, which is why we offer you free estimates on new garage doors. Our company is open seven days a week, so call our friendly representatives for any questions you may have.

During the process of inspecting your garage door, our technicians take accurate measurements of the door, along with discovering the problems or future issues that may arise. During our consultation, we can provide you samples of our previous projects, which allows you to understand what your new garage door can look like after installation.

It’s much simpler to let us do the job for you. Accidents can cause garage door panels to bend or break, which in turn, requires a replacement. Doing it yourself is dangerous, costly, and time-consuming; therefore, we can free up your busy schedule by performing the task ourselves. What you get is professional service, which alleviates your installation headaches and can put your mind at ease.

During the installation process, you receive new tracks, cables, rollers, and spring systems; these are all included with our price. In many cases, we can use the old opener to fit in with your new door, so a new opener is not required. We can remove the old door, which allows your property to remain clean and free of debris.

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The Type of Garage Doors We Work With

Our company works with reputable brands, such as Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. We understand the need to be versatile; therefore, our company specializes in different types of garage doors. We work with both steel and glass as primary materials; as we mainly work with steel.

The Advantages of Steel Garage Doors:

  • Strong, durable, and resilient material
  • Affordable price range since steel is readily available
  • Provides safety and security with its defensive properties
  • Saves you energy with insulation and temperature regulation
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The Advantages of Glass Garage Doors:

  • Beautiful aesthetic look that is clear and see-through
  • Allows natural light inside through the glass
  • No need to paint over the glass like you would steel
  • Offers good durability since glass is deceptively strong
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What is Insulation (in Garage Doors)?

The main difference between an insulated garage door and an uninsulated garage door is that the former prevents any heat loss in your home. Garage door insulation gives you an R-value, which measures the effectiveness of thermal resistance. An insulated door can reduce the energy consumption of your home.

Care and Maintenance

We advise that you don’t perform a garage door installation by yourself; it is a dangerous task which should be left to professionals only. Every homeowner should be on the lookout for signs of aging on their garage door, once you see something that may look like it’s damaged or faulty, contact us and we’ll take care of the problem in the best way possible. This includes bent or broken panels, the operating system making too much noise, and misalignment of the door itself. If you need repair or replacement, we can do the job properly, efficiently, and safely.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Company?

Our technicians have decades of garage door installation experience between them. They’re certified, knowledgeable, and licensed, which is why we offer service that is backed up by our warranty. In addition, our company only works with high-quality brands for all our garage door parts, from the garage doors themselves, to the smallest garage door roller.
We understand the value of customer service, which is why you get upfront pricing, which means you know exactly what you’re paying for. Metro Garage Door Repair prides itself on building a good relationship with its consumers to ensure that we feel like part of your family. Give us a call, and we can install your garage door with care and expertise.

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