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Your garage door opener is crucial to your whole garage setup. The average garage door is opened no less than 1,500 times every year. They make opening and closing the door very convenient, so you don’t need to do it manually.

That goes double when you consider that there are typically multiple ways to operate your opener, depending on how the garage door installation is completed. When everything is working well with it, it’s easy for you to forget that it’s even there. The only time you are likely to focus on it in any capacity is when something begins to fail. 

When that happens, a garage door opener repair is likely to be in order. It’s not the end of the world when your opener stops working the way that you expect it to, just call Metro Garage Door Repair. Once the repair is complete, your garage door opener should be fine. 

Garage Door Opener

What is the Garage Door Opener?

The garage door opener is a mechanism that allows you to open and close the door with no manual effort. Regardless of which opener type you use, they all have a garage door motor that guides a trolly. The garage door trolly is the component that makes direct contact with the door and causes it to open and close upon activation. 
Openers tend to have a switch on the wall, but there are alternative ways to operate them. One example is having a garage door remote. The features available to you depend on the garage door installation process. 

Professional Garage Door Repair Services

What are some of the possible garage door issues that you may have to deal with? These are as follows.

The Garage Door Opener Is Not Closing Normally (Sensors)

The photo-eye sensor system, which sits on both sides of the door, uses an invisible electric beam to ensure there is no blockage. When the sensors are misaligned, the blockage reading can get thrown off, which means the closure function gets messed up.

Grinding Noises

Grinding noises can indicate a broken gear, which connects the motor to the belt or chain. When broken, the gears don’t move smoothly, which creates the noise you hear.

The Remote Keypad or Control of the Garage Door Opener is not Responding

When the remote keypad or garage door control stops working, a few things could be the problem. First, the internal wiring or the buttons on the remote could be the problem. If you use a keypad, there could be signal transmission issues. Finally, the wall switch can suffer from wiring and circuit issues as well.

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

While it is nice to set and forget your garage door opener permanently, that’s often not the experience that people get. Sometimes, you need a garage door opener repair just to iron out any kinks you are having. In other cases, a new garage door opener installation may be in order. This would be the case if the opener just isn’t working properly as it were before, or if the opener has already been repaired multiple times and requires much maintenance.

When we do installations and repairs, we only work with top of the line brands and new parts, as we want our customers to have a superb experience. Reach out to our technicians with any opener-related problem you may have, and expect a high-quality job to rectify your issues. 

Types of Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener

They are mounted overhead and are the most inexpensive of the bunch, and they implement a trolly driven by a metal chain. As this mechanism opens and closes the garage door, the chain drive opener make quite an amount of noise.

Garage Door Opener

The belt-driven alternative works the same way as the chain-driven one, except in this case the trolley is driven by a rubber belt. It makes opening and closing the garage door much quieter, and it's even easier to maintain than chain-driven openers. 

Wall Mount
Garage Door Opener

These are also called Jackshaft garage door openers. Their application is typically in residential high lift or commercial garage doors. While belt and chain-driven openers are mounted overhead, the jackshaft sits on either side of the door and is directly connected to the torsion bar. 

Brands We Work With

As we mentioned, we only use top of the line brands in our work. LiftMaster is the name we trust where installing a new garage door opener is concerned. It’s the only one we install, but not the only brand we work on.
Our team of technicians is licensed and experienced in fixing the following opener types:  LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman. These brands are of a high quality and standard, which is why we stick to them. All of our openers are warrantied.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Company?

Openers must be installed properly and comply with all required safety regulations. Apart from being a standard, you don’t have to worry about the door being a hazard. A professional company leaves your garage door opener in this manner.

Our team is made up of experienced, licensed, and professional technicians, so there is no doubt that you are getting the best that the industry has to offer. Additionally, going the professional route means much less of a headache and less money being spent on your opener in the future. 

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