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Garage Door Roller Replacement

Professional Garage Door Roller Replacement​ Services in rockville MD & the surrounding areas

There is no doubt that your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it serve as an entry point, but it also contributes to the house’s security. Additionally, valuable possessions, such as vehicles and equipment, tend to be placed in garages. Based on all this, it’s not hard to imagine why the door needs to be working consistently.

Garage door rollers are sometimes at the root of certain problems that you experience. Their purpose is an important one, as without them, opening and closing the door would be very difficult. The rollers work with other components to counterbalance the door’s weight, so that it can move freely.

Should your rollers become jammed, go off track, or start squeaking, it’s time to call Metro Garage Door Repair to have your garage door rollers replaced!

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Garage Door Roller Issues

Since garage doors are operated about 1,500 times yearly on average, your rollers do quite a bit of work. They are engaged every time the door opens or closes, so there is no room for error. However, you can understand and appreciate why the rollers may be susceptible to wear and tear with time.
When they are in proper working order, the rollers move in a guided manner along the garage door tracks. It’s important to note that sometimes the problem comes from loose or dented tracks. These can cause the roller to go off track or get stuck in the said tracks. Garage door professionals take care of more jams at misalignments than you can imagine. Another problem is squeaky rollers. If you experience this, it simply means that you have a lubrication issue. A lubrication job is typically done when the garage door is installed, but it doesn’t last forever.

Should you experience any of these problems, your next move should be to call in the professionals at Metro Garage Door Repair. Remember that the rollers serve a crucial function, which means it’s imperative that the repair job is handled well.

Types of Garage Door Rollers

Plastic Rollers

Those who are on a budget often opt for plastic rollers, as plastic rollers are the cheapest alternatives available. Unfortunately, the low-cost material design has implications for the durability of the rollers. They also do not have any ball bearings.
Not only are plastic rollers not the sturdiest option you can find, but they are also way more limited where weight capacity is concerned. Residential garage doors stand among the lightest, so that’s where plastic rollers are usually found.

garage door rollers

Steel Rollers

Steel offers much greater durability than plastic, and the inclusion of ball bearings in steel rollers means that these rollers are going to be around for some time.
Unfortunately, steel rollers are not the quietest you can find, but it would be hard to argue against the fact that they do their job quite well. Additionally, the weight capacity that steel rollers can handle is greater than that of the plastic alternatives and they have greater durablility.

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Nylon Rollers

The idea behind the design of nylon rollers is to stand against and slow down the normal process of wear and tear. 
 Nylon rollers have greater ball bearings than steel, which is part of why they also have that high sense of durability.
Noise isn’t a factor with nylon rollers, making them more pleasant to use than their metal counterparts. So, here you have a roller design that is conducive to quiet operation, and it has a sturdy composition.

nylon garage door rollers

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Company?

If you are going to be spending money on professional garage door repair, what do you have to gain from it? Well, the first matter to discuss is that of standards. For a garage door to be safe for use, it must be installed based on current safety regulations. When a professional company handles your garage door roller replacement needs, those standards are built into how the job is done, which creates a safe and fully functional system. Of course, Metro Garage Door Repair offers top-notch services that adhere to all safety standards.

Additionally, all of our staff are of licensed, professional, and experienced technicians who are ready, willing, and able to complete any job in a recommended manner.

You may get tempted to try to circumvent the cost of working on your garage door rollers. If you do, you’re setting yourself up for a future of door trouble and spending. Once Metro Garage Door Repair has repaired the rollers, expect to spend much less in the long run.
We offer same-day service every day of the week, so you never have to stay in a bind too long!

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