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Garage Door Spring Repair

Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Services in rockville MD & the surrounding areas

Garage doors combine security and functionality into one system. It’s designed so that you are unlikely to stop and think about it twice as you use it almost daily. That is until something starts to go haywire, and the door is not working the way you expect it to.

Garage door springs are sometimes the cause of this, and it’s important to have them replaced by professionals when they are no longer in working order. We offer same-day repair service every day of the week, which is completed by our certified technicians at affordable prices. If you notice anomalies with your garage door and you need spring repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

garage door spring repair

What Happens When the Springs Break?

The garage door springs remain under constant tension, storing energy that it uses to counterbalance your door. The result is that you can move the door with no problem at all.

Garage door springs exist to be a gravity counter for a very heavy door. Without the springs to help, your garage door would not go up as easily as it does, and when it would go up, it would fall crashing to the ground. Whether you have a broken torsion spring or a broken extension spring, there are warning signs that indicate a spring replacement is in order. A broken garage door spring may cause your door to feel heavy, it may only ascend several inches, it falls quickly when closing, your cables seem loose, or the door may not open at all.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break

If you notice that your garage door springs are broken, it’s not a good idea to wait to have the problem addressed. The door’s weight is no longer supported, which means that the garage door opener gear can get damaged. Avoid trying to lift it manually, as it is now in a state where it can crash down, presenting a safety hazard.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

The mechanisms used to lift the door support great weight and so It would be best not to attempt to replace the garage door springs yourself. You run the risk of dealing with a sudden snap, which can be a serious problem. For your safety and peace of mind, it’s best to have it done by a professional.

garage door spring repair

Types of Garage Door Springs

garage door springs

Torsion Springs

While there is often a single torsion spring, there may sometimes be a pair, depending on the weight of the door. The spring is located above the door, and it can provide a lot more power than extension springs can. It’s also a more durable spring alternative, and so, it fetches a steeper price than the extension springs do.

Extension Springs

Extension Springs are cheaper than torsion springs. There are two of them, and they are mounted just above your door’s upper tracks. When your garage door is closed, the springs use energy to bear the brunt of the door’s weight. Using the stored energy, they create a force used to lift the door upon your request.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

Our best practices layout the way we approach our garage door spring repair jobs. The idea is to maintain a standard of quality and to ensure that our customers end up with a garage door system that is both safe and reliable to use.

Replacing Both Springs

There’s a reason why the door is built with multiple springs. It’s all about support and balance. The springs are always under a tremendous amount of tension. It’s a part of counterbalancing a heavy door and making it seem as if it weighs nothing at all.

When we do a spring replacement, we make sure to attend to both springs instead of just one of them. Should we leave the door in a position where one spring is new and one is not, the door may end up lifting unevenly, and it could eventually come out of its track.

Using the Right Springs

As a service provider that deals with garage door springs, we select top-of-the-line equipment and materials when doing a job. This is to ensure that our customer’s interests are always kept at heart.

To this end, we only use high-quality and high-cycle garage door springs. The average garage door operates no less than 1,500 times yearly. Therefore, we only use springs that guarantee approximately 10,000 cycles, which means our customers can get many years of operation out of them.

Safety Inspection

It takes an adequate evaluation of the job at hand to complete garage door spring repair successfully. Before diving in, we always begin with a thorough safety inspection. A garage door system is made up of several different components, and they all need to be in good working order for things to operate smoothly.

We cannot complete a job on a door that has compromised parts without knowing what is happening. Therefore, we start our tasks by ensuring that all hardware and parts of the garage door are working the way that they were intended to.

Why Trust Us As Your Professional Garage Door Company?

Safety has been a recurring theme in the explanation about garage door springs and how they work. There are industry standards that govern our spring repair or spring replacement jobs. At Metro Garage Door Repair, we do not compromise on sticking to these standards.

Additionally, we have a team of licensed and professional technicians with years of experience under their belts. They know what they’re doing, and we can say that they do it very well.

Going the professional route is recommended as you don’t have to worry about discrepancies in the long run, which could cost you more money than you were prepared to spend. You also don’t want other parts getting damaged or something going seriously wrong. So just give Metro Garage Door Repair a call today!

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